Services Offered to Property Owners

Having accumulated over twenty five year’s of experience in various fields of renting property, we have developed a range of services tailored to meet the demanding needs of you the property owner. We will add value to your all important investment and make renting hassle-free for you.

Be it short term holiday lets or long term rental you are looking to achieve on your property – we can help. No property is too small or too large.

We offer a wide range of services at competitive rates from the simple introduction of a prospective tenant for a one-off fee or the ‘Full Monty’ management service. Just give us a call or email for an informal no-obligation chat to see what we can do for you.

No Let – No Fee. Free Rental Valuation.

Short Term/Holiday Lets

The ‘Full Monty’ Management service –

Your property will be advertised where necessary on the internet with an ‘on-line calendar’ to show availability. Once a let has been arranged, deposit is taken and full payment in advance of commencement of the let. We can arrange for the property to be cleaned between occupancy with fresh bed linen and towels installed and collect washing to be laundered. Making the guest feel special is in our view essential in order to encourage repeat bookings. The condition of the property regularly reviewed & any maintenance/repairs that may be required can be arranged using local tradesmen where we cannot do it ourselves. In many areas, baby sitting services for guests can be arranged and we are always on hand to deal with any eventuality that might arise which is reassuring to owners and guests alike. We do not insist on sole control of your property, so if a rental is arranged either through yourself or another source, we can still facilitate  the basic servicing of the property at reduced rates. In essence, we can adapt to offer the tailored service which is most suited to your requirements and most of all – to fit your budget!