One of the many services we are able to offer in addition to Property Management is Project Management for build and renovation projects. Drawing from extensive experience ranging from the acquisition, design, planning and construction of mobile phone masts for T-Mobile in the UK, to property builds and simple house renovations; we have the qualifications and track record necessary to ensure that any job we undertake is completed with the tenacity and professionalism required to get a job done to the given parameters.

Below you can choose a set of photographs for completed and ongoing projects. All are project managed by ourselves using direct labour.

Skibbereen: Build project completed in 2005

Bridge Street, Skibbereen: Refurbishment of premises and conversion to office accommodation

Bunlick: A large detached newbuild close to Lough Ine

Poundlick: A New-Build Detached residence with garage on the outskirts of Skibbereen

Clontaff, Union Hall: Five Bedroomed detached newbuild

River House Barn: Renovation of a 200 year old stone Barn on the River Illen near Skibbereen


Recent Projects